Sketching Ganesha


This is a series of my practice sketches with newly acquired Fude or Bent Nib fountain pens along with Flat nib and other pens. The ink used is the normal commonly available  black and blue ink cartridges, pens used were a Hero 9018 bent nib, Duke Fude pen, Lamy Calligraphy 1.8 mm pen and Pigma Micron ink pen set.

All sketches are drawn from the works of various artists which were available on Pinterest or Google search. So they are not my orignals ( in any case who can draw an orignal sketch of God!!) . Decorations are added or modified depending on my mood while practicing.  Found these bent nib pens a great advantage while sketching as they eliminate moving around with different sized nibs.

Here are the sketches:

The Tanjore Style Panchmukhi (Five faces) Ganesha: 



The Kalamkari Style Ganesha:



The Kerala Mural Style Ganesha:




The Dancing Ganesha:



A South Indian Style Ganesha:



East India style Ganesha:



The last one is copied from a popular image used in wall paintings and Ganesha Tattoos:



How I wish to sketch Lord Ganesha every day!

May Ganesha bless you all.










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  1. Amazed.
    Followed immediately. 🙂


    1. keviv says:

      Thanks a lot Sarang.


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