Sea, Ships & Boats

Sea is fascinating and so are the variety of ships and boats floating on it Painting and sketching these always challenges me. Some results of my attempt are shared here. The sketches were done while practicing by copying works of some renowned artists available on net. ( ink pen  on paper)   A painting of…

A Tree in a city

This is my sketch of an old tree taking its revenge on cement & concrete construction done by humans around it. It is in one of the residential area in New Delhi, India which was built around 1950. Credit to humans too for not disturbing the old tree.    

Sketching Kathmandu

Spending just a day in Kathmandu, Nepal will leave you with a memory full of unforgettable images of excellent craftmanship of artisans and artists of both hindu and buddhist temples/ stupas. My sketches  (ink on paper, handmade lokta paper)inspired by views of some of them are here they are not the exact pictorial impressions but an…

painting : flowers

Flowers are fascinating to paint. These gifts of God are in countless types and color combinations. These works of mine are in Oil colors  on oil sheets.    


Ganesh – The removal of obstacles  


                                 I usually start each year by sketching/ painting a Ganesh – one who removes all obstacles.


These brush calligraphy sketches were done few years back.  Poster colors on paper sheets.